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January 01, 2019

Issue: PC is running but no visual, spoilt motherboard.

Repair Charges
Diagnosis: Free
Asus H110M-A Motherboard: $110
Thermal Repasting: Free
Service Fee: $60
Total: $170

Damaged AsRock Motherboard

This client called up for a pickup ($15) of his damaged PC. The PC is running but there is no visual from both the motherboard port and graphics card port.

Specifications of PC

This is the standard budget PC build that most of the other sellers do for their customers to maximise profit. AsRock's low-end motherboard bundled with Zotac's graphics cards. We have repaired many of this builds and most of the time, the issue is with either the motherboard or the graphics card.

We do not use these 2 brands because we want to avoid having to service these warranty often, which is very troublesome for both our clients and for us. There is a reason why they are so cheap ($100+ cheaper as compared to other brands, cost to cost). We prefer to earn less, have happy customers and service lesser warranty issues.

No visual on monitor.

As usual, we tried changing the rams but there was still no display. Then we removed the graphics card and tried the HDMI port from the motherboard, also no result. So we changed the motherboard and the issue was with the motherboard.

Asrock motherboard and Zotac graphics card.

We advised our customer to go back and claim warranty for the motherboard, so as to avoid having to pay for a new motherboard. But he wanted the PC to work urgently so as to gift it for his son for Christmas. No choice, he had to buy the new motherboard as the warranty process will take weeks. He gave us the spoilt motherboard, early Christmas present for us.

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