December 11, 2018

Issue: No visual on monitor, but PC is running.


Repair Charges:
Diagnosis: Free
Silverstone 500 W Power Supply: $60
Adata 8 GB Ram: $90
Mansa Builder 120 GB SSD: $50
Service Fee: $30
Total: $230


No visual on monitor.


This PC came in with no visual on the monitor although the computer is running.


Built up of spoilt PC.


If you see the built-up, it comes with an Asrock motherboard, Zotac card and Gamemax power supply. These 3 brands might be the issue. As usual, we started with changing the ram slot and testing out with our own ram.


PC showing visual on monitor.


So this was an easy diagnosis, the issue was with the ram. The ram was spoilt and installing a new one solved the issue. The PC was running fine again, but the loading and processing was really slow because there was no SSD.


Gamemax power supply.


This Gamemax power supply installed is also kind of worrying. A slight push on the power cable will cause the whole PC to lose power immediately.

We advised the client to change the power supply and add an SSD for the system. We reformated the whole PC and installed the Operating System and the necessary softwares.

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