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Lux White - RTS

  • Practicality - Should I choose Ready-to-Ship or the custom builds?
    The RTS build was made to suit the needs of many, and to show you that you don't need to blow $2000 on your first PC to get things done. From tertiary students, to programmers, WFH executives, and creatives/content creators - this PC runs most programming, engineering, and creative softwares. eg. Tensorflow, Adobe Premiere Pro/Lightroom/Photoshop, Cinema4D, Live-streaming on OBS while gaming simultaneously.

    Our Ready-to-Ship line benefits those who trust us to match their components for general work and play use. If you're more particular about your components or want more cosmetic upgrades on your PC, we'd recommend our Custom PCs.
    Gaming Benchmarks - What games can this PC run, and how well?

    Average FPS with Ryzen 5 5600X + RTX 3060

    RPG / Singleplayer Games
    (1080p Highest Graphics Preset)

    Competitive Shooters / Multiplayer
    (1080p Lowest Graphics Preset)
    Monster Hunter World - 78
    God of War - 82
    Cyberpunk 2077 - 60
    The Witcher 3 - 91
    FFVII Remake - 86
    FFXIV - 100
    Overwatch 2 - 430
    Valorant - 315
    Apex Legends - 200
    CS:GO - 580
    Processor - Should I get Intel or AMD?
    If you're looking to game and work, the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is suffient in running most games and easier on the wallet. It also performs well on machine learning, photo editing, and graphics design. If you'd prefer higher fps compared to the ones shown in the "Gaming Benchmarks" tab, opt for the i5-13600KF instead!

    If you're a video editor/animator/content creator, the Intel i5-13600KF is highly recommended as it's processing channels allow you to multitask larger projects and applications, and gives you a better rendering experience.
    However, if you're starting out with a lower budget, the Ryzen 5 5600X is sufficient in rendering projects too, with the compromise of having a slightly longer wait time.
    Upgrades - Should I opt for the 3060 Ti/32GB RAM?
    If you are mostly using your PC to game, 16GB of RAM is more than sufficient. If you'd like better FPS than the one listed on our "Gaming Benchmark" tab, go for the i5-13600KF processor + 3060Ti GPU!

    If you do heavy creative work, 32GB of RAM is recommended especially on video editing applications. The 3060Ti GPU will give you a better rendering experience if your application allows you to do GPU-based rendering (eg. Da Vinci Resolve or Blender).
    Dimensions - What is the size of my case?
    Lux White: Montech Air 100 - L405 / W210 / H425mm.
    Nox Black: Tecware Nexus Air M - L340 / W205 / H413mm.

    These cases are part of our compact cases range, suitable for most apartments and bedrooms in Singapore without compromising your performance and less of a hassle if you decide get PC spec upgrades in the future!

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