Building & Ordering

Step 1: Decide what you want your PC to be used for (e.g. gaming, video editing etc)

Step 2: Choose a PC that suits you from our wide range of Curated, PCs for Work, or the popular AMD/Intel Gaming PCs!

Step 3: Pay and get your PC in 1-2 days!

Fully Customised PCs

These are for customers who know how to (correctly) pair a CPU with a mobo, and pick their GPU or Ram all by themselves. If that sounds like you, shop at our full customs range!

Best way to shop: Simply drop us a Whatsapp message and we'll spec out a PC that'll fit your needs for you! We're often told chatting us up feels like talking to a bro.

Your invoice will be sent together with your PC to you. A softcopy will also be stored in our database with the contact number you provided tagged to your invoice.

For New PCs - Orders are usually sent out in 1 to 2 days. Prior to sending it out, we will contact you to arrange for delivery.
Our delivery timeslots are usually 10am - 2pm or 6pm - 10pm.

When you receive your PC - All you need to do when you receive the PC is to plug in the power cord, your peripherals, hook up your monitor and you’re all set!

Contact us via chat or WhatsApp and tell us what you need (purpose of PC, budget, colour, etc) and we will give you our best recommendations. That's what our Mansa Team is famous for!

Our showroom is located at 1 Ubi View Focus 1 Building, #01-22 and we are open daily from 11am to 6.30pm. We are also opened on most public holidays!

By train: Alight at Ubi MRT Station (Downtown Line) and we are a short 4-min walk away!

Please note that there is a flight of steps that you will have to climb!

Bingo! That's what a customised PC is all about. Let us know the exact case/parts you want and we will try our best (we usually succeed) to bring it in for you at no extra charge!

When our team receives an order, they turn into an octopus and retrieve the parts and components for you from trusted distributors only. We assemble all PCs on the spot at our humble shop in Ubi.

Drop by for a visit to watch us in action!

tldr: YES! 100% authentic.

Full story: At Mansa, we only work with licensed distributors who have a longstanding track record of offering only high quality, authentic components.

All products come with a certified seal. As proof of authenticity, we also deliver all the empty boxes of the components we have used to you.

Yes! Please contact us via WhatsApp with your Name, Number, and Invoice Number for the quickest response.

Every PC will go through two quality checks and a series of strenuous tests before they are being delivered. This is to ensure that your PC will be in its best condition and be able to withstand any heavy usage and minimise the chance of errors.

Payment, Delivery & Shipping

Payment Methods
Bank transfer
Paynow / Paylah!
Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, UnionPay)
Apple Pay / Google Pay

Installment Plan
Shopee & Lazada - 4% service fee. OCBC or DBS credit card only. 6 months or 12 months options available.
Atome - 6% service fee. 3 or 6 months option

For Installments, please drop us a WhatsApp to discuss and finalize the specifications of your PC. After that, we will set up a customised product listing on Shopee and you can make the installment purchase through the link provided.

There are no additional charges, unless you are paying via installment.

Prevailing GST charges (9%) are already included in the final price for your convenience.

Delivery Charges
- For all New PCs - Absolutely free delivery.
- All other products (accessories/components): Delivery charge will be shown at checkout. You can opt for pickup (free!) to circumvent that.

Delivery Charges:
- For all New PCs - Absolutely free delivery.
- All other products (accessories/components): Delivery charge will be shown at checkout. You can opt for pickup (free!) to circumvent that.

Ready To Ship (RTS) PCs
Same-day delivery: Order by 3pm and get it by 8pm.

All Other PCs
Between 1 to 2 days. This is fully dependent on stocks available.

No worries though, we have a great habit of updating you through WhatsApp text on the status of your PC!

Anywhere in lovely Singapore!

For international customers - we do deliver. However, there will be additional taxes and charges to be borne by you. Please contact us for further information.

For special requests, please WhatsApp us at 9665 2180 with your invoice number and contact number and we will try our very best to arrange the delivery.


For New PCs

Mansa offers a 3 Year Hardware Warranty for all new PCs.
Year 1: Warranty on-site - If your PC faces any issues within the 1st year, we will go down to your home/office to rectify the issue for free.
Year 2-3: You can bring down your PC to our office or you can opt for our pick up service for $20 per way.

All Hardware parts only! Covered parts refer to those included in the original invoice at point of purchase. We do not cover parts that were subsequently changed by the user.

No. Your phone number is tagged to the invoice number and we can retrieve your invoice with the number provided.

Feel free to rip the invoice into shreds, or frame it up so you can showoff those specs!

Our 3-year warranty is as follows:
Year 1: Warranty on-site. If your PC faces any issues within the 1st year, we will go down to your home/office to rectify the issue for free.

Year 2-3: You can bring down your PC to our office or you can opt for our pick up service for $20 per way. If you would like us to look at the PC at your location, there will be extra on-site fees chargeable.

We understand that a malfunctioning PC can be quite frustrating, so do contact us via WhatsApp for the quickest replies.

No worries, contact us for more information and we will see how we can help you!

Repairs & Upgrades

Step 1 - Consultation
Contact us (via Website Chat or WhatsApp 96652180) with your repair/upgrade request and we will let you know our recommendations and service fees. We will also check our stocks for your requested components.

Consultation is 100% free.

Step 2 - Actual Repair/Upgrade
Walk-in with your PC: No appointment needed. Mansa is open daily from 11am - 6.30pm.

Courier Pick-up Service: For your convenience, we can arrange for a courier to pick up your PC and deliver it back to you after it's fixed.

Courier fees at $20/way and $40/both ways.

Step 3: Payment
Pay only after it's fixed. No fix = no payment. We accept payment via Bank Transfer, PayNow or PayLah!

At Mansa, we do not discriminate! Every PC deserves some love, so feel free to bring it down for us to take a look!

No service = no charge! But no worries, we will definitely provide you with other solutions.

We usually take around 1-2 days depending on stocks available. But no worries, we will inform and confirm with you before we start work!

Good choice. We do upgrades of SSD for both desktops and laptops!

$140 (512 GB SSD) + $50 (Service)
$210 (1 TB SSD) + $50 (Service)

Please contact us for further information.

A breakdown of the repair/upgrade service:

1. Components charge

2. Service for installation charge.

There will also be delivery charges if you have opted for pickup/delivery ($20/per way).

No. We do not sell second hand products. Please contact us for more information!


This is probably due to a faulty ram or motherboard.

Ram Issue:
$80 (Ram) + $30 (Service)
$120 (Motherboard) + $120 (Service)

This is a very common issue where the power supply is damaged.

$65 (Power Supply) + $80 (Service)

If you're looking to game and work, the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is sufficient in running most games and easier on the wallet. It also performs well on machine learning, photo editing, and graphics design.

If you'd prefer higher fps compared to the ones shown in the "Gaming Benchmarks" tab, opt for the i5-13600KF instead!

If you're a video editor/animator/content creator, the Intel i5-13600KF is highly recommended as it's processing channels allow you to multitask larger projects and applications, and gives you a better rendering experience.

However, if you're starting out with a tighter budget, the Ryzen 5 5600X is sufficient in rendering projects too, with the compromise of having a slightly longer wait time.

We always use dual channel for our systems as it is performs better. If you have chosen for 16 GB of ram, we will install 2 sticks of 8 GB ram. Likewise, if you opted for 32 GB of ram, we will use 2 sticks of 16 GB ram.

If you are mostly using your PC to game, 16GB of RAM is more than sufficient. If you'd like better FPS, go for the i5-13600KF processor + 3060Ti GPU!

If you do heavy creative work, 32GB of RAM is recommended especially on video editing applications. The 3060Ti GPU will give you a better rendering experience if your application allows you to do GPU-based rendering (eg. Da Vinci Resolve or Blender).

Our Mansa products are all matched to the minimum required power supply so there is no chance in going wrong.

But just for your knowledge, this is the guideline for the power supply needed!

500 W Power Supply: GTX 1650
650 W Power Supply: RX 6600XT, RX 6650XT, RTX 3050, RTX 3060, RTX 3060 Ti
750 W Power Supply: RTX 3070, RTX 3070 Ti

Every application and game you install will run normally.

The only difference is that the un-activated version will not allow you to personalize the PC to your liking, such as the admin name and wallpaper.

There will also be a "Windows Activation" watermark at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Nope, we will handle the Operating System for you. We will install the un-activated version of Windows 10 Home 64-Bit operating system if you have chosen the un-activated Windows 10. The PC will still be usable. You can install games and software to use on it.

However, you will not be able to personalize the PC (change wallpaper/admin names) and there will be a "Windows Activation" water mark at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, which can be slightly distracting for some users.

We will handle the essential software installation for you. This includes, your Windows operating system, the latest drivers for your hardware and the most updated version of the BIOS (motherboard software).

All you need to do when you receive the PC is to plug in the power cord, your peripherals, hook up your monitor and you’re all set!

ATX is a full-size motherboard form factor, while Micro-ATX is a smaller version of the ATX form factor.

ATX motherboards have more expansion slots and ports compared to MATX motherboards which are great for expandability.

For MATX - You will not be able to fit in the higher end graphics cards like the RTX 3080, RTX 3080 Ti & the latest 40 series due to the physical constraints. If you are not looking to upgrade to these high-end graphics card (costing $2,000+) in the future, the MATX configuration is good for you as it is the most value for money build.

In any case, if you do plan to upgrade your graphics card in the future, all you would need is a case change.

You don't have to keep your aircon on. The computer's internal cooling system (fans and CPU cooler) can keep the computer adequately cooled.

If the motherboard chosen has a "Wi-Fi & Bluetooth" at the end of its name, then you will be able to connect to Wi-Fi & Bluetooth without the need to add on an additional Wi-Fi & Bluetooth card. All of our Mini ITX motherboards come with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth capability, so you don't have to worry about it!

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