Most repairs are done in 1 day, pick-up service available.

We work on the weekends and public holidays, that is why our turnaround time is quick. You can expect us to provide you with an honest diagnostic of your PC, prioritizing minimum spending for the repair. We prefer to build a long-term relationship with you, so that you will think of us when you are ready to build a new computer!

Common FAQs

My fans are spinning but there is no visual on the monitor.
This issue is most probably due to a damaged ram or motherboard. It is less commonly linked to a damaged power supply or graphics card.
The PC does not respond when I press the on button, the fans are not spinning.
This might be caused by a damaged motherboard or power supply. If you experienced a power trip prior to this, then the problem is most probably due the power supply. If you are lucky, the issue might just be the casing's button!
There is a smoke smell coming out from my PC.
This is due to a damaged power supply and is a fire hazard. Stop using your PC and bring it to us to check on your power supply.
My PC is much slower than what it used to be.
Firstly, make sure that you have a SSD installed in your PC. It is the cheapest way to increase the speed of your PC significantly. Secondly, it is always advisable to have 16 GB of ram in your computer. Thirdly, a thermal re-pasting and clean re-format of the softwares will return the PC to its original condition!
What is your turn-around time and do you have on-site service?
Most of the repairs are done within 1-2 days. Yes, we do provide on-site service. There is an additional $80 fee for our technician to go on-site and recitify the issue. Do let us know if you need your PC to be repaired urgently so that we can arrange someone to look into the issue in the quickest possible time.
What is your general pricing guide?
Diagnosis is free!

Motherboard Damage: $120 (Component) + $120 (Service)
Ram Damage: $80 (Component) + $20 (Service)
Power Supply Damage: $65 (Component) + $80 (Service)
Case Change: $80 (Component) + $120 (Service)
Software: $45 (Windows 10 Reformat, Installatio of latest drivers and BIOS)

Why repair with Mansa Computers?

BSOD Crash Dump - Spoilt Rams

BSOD Crash Dump - Spoilt Rams

by Max Lim 1 min read

This computer came in with it experiencing Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). It will loop through the Windows boot up page and the BSOD will occur before booting into Windows. Occassionally, it will be able to boot into the Windows desktop, but the BSOD will happen very quickly. The issue was with the rams, so we swapped out the rams and the PC was running properly again.
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Upgrade of SSD & Thermal Paste Replacement

Upgrade of SSD & Thermal Paste Replacement

by Max Lim 1 min read

This Asus G20 came in with it contantly looping through the Windows recovery software. We added a SSD, changed the thermal paste and reformatted the PC. The PC is back to normal after this small upgrade!
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No Visual but PC Running - Spoilt GPU

No Visual but PC Running - Spoilt GPU

by Max Lim 1 min read

A damaged graphics card which resulted in no visual on the monitor. The CPU cooler is also spoilt, as it is not spinning continuously but randomly jerking when the PC is on.
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Pick-Up Service
You can engage our pick-up ($20) and delivery ($20) services to transport your PC.

Our pick-up and delivery service is available daily between 8pm-10pm.

Operating Hours: Mon to Sun, 1pm to 6pm
Yes we are open on Sunday!

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