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How long has Mansa been around?
Mansa Computers has been established since 2017. We started off from Carousell but now we own our own workshop and have expanded to a team of 7. We are still young and hungry, so expect to see us stick around for long!
Why choose Mansa?
We are probably one of the fastest builders around. That should be more than enough reason in itself! But if you need more, we are easily contactable and accountable so you never need to feel like you are left on your own even if your PC has issues. A click of the Whatsapp button - that's how easily you can reach us. We are a pretty chill and fun bunch too ;)
Were any of you professionally trained in any field related to IT?
The short answer is no. But that wouldn't be a complete or fair answer. Learning is a core part of personal development that we take seriously at Mansa - which is why you will realise that most of us here at Mansa are self-taught tech people. We continually pick up new skills and stay updated with the latest tech trends so that you, our customer, can rest easy and leave the tech stuff to us!
How do you guys achieve such a fast turn-around time?
As much as we like our fun, most of us here are workaholics. We're not proud of it (we really need more balance) but that's generally how we get things done quick. We work fast and we work hard - all to deliver the best hassle-free experience to you.
Are you all hiring?
Yes, we are! We are always on the lookout for talent.

Currently looking for:
1) Desktop Assistant (PC Builder)
2) Content Creator / Video Editor

So feel free to drop us an email (sindy.mansacomputers@gmail.com) with your resume or chat with us directly! Who knows what could happen.

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Considering a new PC

Let us help you out if you have any questions on building your PC. We understand that it is an expensive purchase, so we are here to help you out!

Repairing your PC

We provide free diagnostic service for your damaged PC. No work done, no charge!

Upgrading your PC

Sometimes, a little upgrade goes a long way. Let us know what is the current specifications of your PC so that we can advise on what you can upgrade!