I am new to custom PC, where do I start?
You can shop through our Mansa Boxes (Gamebox, Officebox, Pinkbox) which are designed to make the purchase experience easier for you. We have pre-selected the basic (and less important) components, so you only make the important decisions! These listings are filled with tips along the way to help you out.

The full customization listings (further below) are for those who are more familiar with custom PC and computer components. It can be quite confusing for you to navigate through the full customization listings if this is your first time building a PC.
Get your PC in 1 day!
We will usually deliver the PC within 1 day. If hiccups happen (eg: component out of stock), we will contact you directly to manage the situation. Our builds will at most take 2-3 days to deliver, otherwise we will advise you before you place your order.
What is Mansa Gamebox, Officebox, Pinkbox?
Gamebox: Our Gamebox is designed for gamers. It focuses on the graphics card and SSD, which is essential for a gaming PC. You will be able to play most of the market games at decent FPS. Consider going for a higher end graphics card to achieve a better gaming experience!

Games supported: Valorant, Overwatch, Fortnite, Phasmophobia, Far Cry 6, Fallout: New Vegas, Genshin Impact, COD Modern Warfare, Forza Horizon 4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Portal 2, Dota 2, Star Wars: Squadrons.

Officebox: If you are looking for a office PC (non-gaming) with basic usage of Microsoft Word & Excel, web-browsing and accounting software, then our Officebox is suitable for you. The Officebox is designed to be small (H:334mm x W:97mm x D:402mm), well cooled and fast in processing of office applications.

Softwares supported: Web-Browsing, Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint, POS System, Accounting Software

Pinkbox: Need we say more? If pink hits all the right buttons with you, this PC is for you! We know what makes the best of a pink build, so we have simplified the options for you. With this computer, you will be able to play most of the games in the market with a decent FPS. 
I know what I need, where should I be looking at?
You can start from our full customization listing further below! We have organized our PCs according to their size (ITX, MATX, ATX) and we have the largest variety of components (across all on-line builders) for you to choose from.

If you are looking for any specific build that is not listed, just drop us a WhatsApp message and we will help you out!

Mansa Boxes

(For those who are unsure!)