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  • Designed with a feminine aesthetic that adds a touch of style to any space.

    Perfect for everyday computing tasks, from browsing to gaming.

    Compact design makes it easy to fit in cozy, intimate spaces.

    Suitable for both students and general home use, providing versatility and function.

  • What are the limitations of choosing a MATX (Mid-Size) case instead of a ATX (Large-Size)?
    You will not be able to fit in the higher end graphics cards like the RTX 3080, RTX 3080 Ti & the latest 40 series due to the physical constraints. If you are not looking to upgrade to these high-end graphics card (costing $2,000+) in the future, this MATX configuration is good for you as it is the most value for money build.

    In any case, if you do plan to upgrade your graphics card in the future, all you would need is a case change.
    Will I need to install Windows and drivers myself?
    We will handle the essential software installation for you. This includes, your Windows operating system, the latest drivers for your hardware and the most updated version of the BIOS (motherboard software). All you need to do when you receive the PC is to plug in the power cord, your peripherals, hook up your monitor and you’re all set!
    Will turning off my aircon cause my PC to overheat?
    You don't have to keep your aircon on. The computer's internal cooling system (fans and CPU cooler) can keep the computer adequately cooled.
    Can I build my PC with some specific components that are not listed on your website?
    Of course you can, we are called a custom PC shop for that exact reason! Just let us know which components you want and we will do up a quotation for you. Dropping us a Whatsapp message will be most convenient and fastest way to get your quote!

With the magnetic side panel, you can effortlessly tuck away all your beloved toys inside.

Plus, rest assured, your PC will stay cool without any worries of overheating!

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