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Mansa Officebox

  • What is a Mansa Officebox?

    The Mansa Officebox is a product that was designed to make things simpler for you - the executive or the business owner. This product has a smaller selection that features brands and components that we have tried, tested and worked. This ensures that everything that you pick, fits. And everything that you choose, works. 

    Focused on only the essentials to deliver the best value for performance.

    You don't need a PC that is overspec-ed for your needs. To make your shopping experience less stressful and your money more worthwhile, we have designed the Officebox to list only the essential components that will be suited for your office work. Working on your Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, or Excel sheets will be a breeze.

    3 years warranty, direct Whatsapp support, 400+ 5* genuine reviews.

    All Mansa Officeboxes come with 3 years warranty with first year onsite warranty (premium warranty plan available). You also get our personal Whatsapp numbers so you can reach us directly if you ever face any issues with your Officebox. You can be sure that you will get the support and help that you need as easily as it can be.

    Check out our 400+ 5* Facebook and Google reviews to see what our customers have to say about us!

    Customize your Mansa Officebox below!

What is your warranty policy?
All our PCs come with 3 years warranty, with the 1st year being on-site warranty. That means if your PC has any issue within the 1st year, we will go down to your place to rectify it. For the 2nd and 3rd year, you can bring down to our shop or engage our pick-up service for $20 (one-way).
My current PC is very slow, is it better to upgrade or buy a new PC?
Upgrading your current PC will be a better choice. Most of the office PC that we encountered are very outdated and dirty. Simple upgrades like adding in a SSD ($60), adding in more rams ($80), reformatting the system ($45) and cleaning the cooling fans ($30) will give your PC a great boost. Chat us up so we can understand more about your current PC and give you the correct quote!
What kind of work can the Officebox support?
Our Officebox is able to handle the common office softwares like the Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It can also run accounting softwares, invoicing programmes and internet surfing. If you are looking to do some video-editing, higher end renderings then this PC is unable to do it. For higher end rendering works, a Videobox is more suitable.

Slim yet powerful.

Need more than just a PC?

Full Office Solution

Office PC Upgrading
Most of the office computers just require some upgrades to make the PC run much faster. Allow us to do a remote diagnosis of your PC and advise you what to upgrade!

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
The NAS system is a common drive where your team can access both in office and at home. You can control access rights to the different folders inside and add on more storage when required.

3 Years On-Site Warranty
We are able to provide 3 years on-site warranty/maintanence for a monthly fee. Do let us know your requirements so that we can give you an accurate quote!

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