January 31, 2024 2 min read

Onsite Upgrade: GPU + PSU + RGB Fans

Cost Breakdown:
Case: Montech Air 100 Black
Graphics Card: Powercolor RX 7600 8 GB
Power Supply: Silverstone VA 650 W 80+ Gold
Onsite Fee: $120
Installation Service Fee: $120
Total: $845 (+3% Credit Card fee)
This customer contacted us for an onsite service to port over their old components to a new case. The customer is looking to upgrade their graphics card too, so after consulting with us, we advised them to upgrade their power supply so that it has enough power to support the new graphics card. 
Straight away after the day had ended, we immediately went over to their home. 
Here's us arriving at their home.
We began dismantling their old PC for components that will be ported over.
Safely removing the HDD as it is fragile hardware.
The technicians work in tandem. One dismantling, handing over the components to the other builder, who is installing, along with the new components,
into the new case.
The old components have been collecting a lot of dust which will reduce the performance of the PC. 
Sol we do a little cleaning,🧹🧹
Transferring the motherboard over to the new case.
And this is the new graphics card, Powercolor RX 7600 8 GB.
Managing the cables to keep it neat before slotting the new GPU.
And now, the final part, slotting the new GPU in.
Customer checking the new PC to make sure their files are in order.
Everything in order, the customer is happy. Couldn't ask for a more positive onsite.👍👍
maybe except it was a little hot cause look at Nic's shirt, dayum!🥵
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