PC Cleaning and Upgrade - CPU, GPU, Rams, Case

January 09, 2024 1 min read

PC Cleaning and Upgrade - CPU, GPU, Rams, Case
Cost Breakdown:
Processor: Ryzen 5 5600X
RAMs: Vengeance RGB Pro SL DDR4 2x16 3600MHz
Graphics Card: ASUS Dual 4060 Geforce RTX 8 GB OC Edition
Case: Tecware Forge S - White

Surface Cleaning: $120
Installation and Rebuilding Fee: $120
Total: $1,376
This customer came to our store and wanted to clean and upgrade their PC.
Listed above are the specifications he wanted.
We began by vacuuming the surface area for dust (which was CAKED btw🫣)
We then took apart the PC to transfer it over to the new case. Below is the motherboard.
Placing the old Case aside as the customer wants to keep it.
The old Cooler's thermal paste has dried up.
Now we can start building the new PC.
Pictured below is the new Processor going into the motherboard.
And the new Cooler. (With fresh Thermal Paste)
The new RAMs going in. A big performance upgrade from 16 to 32GB.
And the one everyone was probably looking forward to, the GPU.
Finally, we installed all the drivers and softwares, so that our customer can just plug and play immediately when they receive their new PC!
The upgrade is finished and ready to be sent home.
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