Upgrade - Case and Components Upgrade

March 24, 2023 2 min read

Upgrade - Case and Components Upgrade

Upgrade: Case and Components (Request to port over existing data files and PC in inverted configuration case)

Upgraded Components :

Case: DarkFlash DLV22 Black
Motherboard: Asus B550M-A Prime Wifi II
Processor: Ryzen 5 5600X
Graphics Card: Re-use own graphics card
Additional HDD: Toshiba 6TB
Ram: Corsair Vengeance Pro SL RGB
Power Supply: Silverstone 650W 80+ Gold
Fans: 5 Black case fans 

Service Fee - $120
Delivery - $20

Total: $1159

A customer came in with his PC stating that he wanted a complete upgrade because his PC had no visuals after turning it on. 

His request - PC to be in an inverted case configuration with data files ported over to his new build.

For this instance, we did a diagnostic test and ruled the RAMs to be the cause of failure causing no visuals. However, the customer already wanted new RAMs for his PC build so this was a problem solved. 

This is Chris working on the cable management for the new PC build. 

You might be wondering, why is the cooler facing downwards?

This is due to the inverted case configuration! (This is the darkFlash DLV22 case)

Standard PC cases have a left-side panel window and a vertical motherboard configuration where the GPU is mounted horizontally, below the CPU socket.

In this inverted configuration, the motherboard is mounted 90 degrees off-axis so now you get your GPU and CPU in a side by side configuration.

In addition, the side panel window is now on the right side instead of the left.

The air intake still goes in from the front of the case and out the back of the case. (the usual way) - if that makes it easier for you to understand!


After we were done backing up all the data files and finished building the new build, we proceeded to reformat his SSD. This is recommended to ensure the old and new drivers do not collide which can cause potential BSOD (Blue screen of death) errors in the future.

After this, we proceeded to install the new drivers and stress-tested his new PC build to ensure that everything is running in order. 

Standard USB and audio port testing were also conducted as part of our standard protocol for quality checks.