Repair - Failure to boot

March 24, 2023 1 min read

Repair - Failure to boot

Repair: Failure to boot

Upgraded Components:

Case: darkFlash DK431 Mesh

Service Fee - $120

Total: $190

This customer came in with a PC stating that it could not be turned on.

We thought that this could be related to a power supply or motherboard issue.

However, the motherboard idle indicator was on after we turned on the power main. This meant that the motherboard was receiving power and it pointed us toward the possibility of damaged I/O cables or ports. 

We then proceeded to short-start the PC and it turned on and ran with no issues. At this point, it was confirmed that the issue was with the I/O cables or front panel circuits 

Usually, a simple front panel swap will rectify the issue. However, we did not have the panel for this case in the store and it would be difficult to get a replacement as it is an older model case. 

To solve this issue, a complete case change had to be done. 

Halfway through porting over the components from the previous case.

The case chosen was the darkFlash DK431!

Some features of this case: 

  • Metal full mesh front panel for maximum airflow
  • Hinge-connected tempered glass side panel for easy cleaning and display
  • Spacious interior that supports up to a 400mm GPU and 360mm radiator for water cooling

After porting over all the components we did stress-testing and did quality checks for the new case such as USB and audio port testing.