Repair - Overheating and AIO cooler issues

March 24, 2023 1 min read

Repair - Overheating and AIO cooler issues

Repair: Overheating and AIO cooler issues

Service Fee - $35
Pick up and delivery - $40

Total: $75

The customer stated that his PC was overheating and that his AIO cooler did not light up when the PC was turned on. 

When we received this computer, the AIO was screwed in wrongly and the ARGB cables were connected wrongly - this immediately gave us the answers as to why the PC was not working as intended. 

First of all the screws for the AIO cooler were put on wrongly, it was upside down causing the AIO to be incorrectly installed which caused improper contact with the processor - resulting in overheating.

For this, we took it off, cleaned and reapplied the thermal paste, and installed it the correct way. 

Secondly, the motherboard did not have ARGB headers - the AIO only had ARGB connectors. This meant that an adaptor had to be added - which we did, to rectify the issue. (You can see the adaptor remote in the picture above)

For our final step, we proceeded to stress-test the PC to ensure that the temperatures were normal and that everything ran smoothly.