Repair - Failure to boot (no boot media found)

June 09, 2023 1 min read

Repair - Failure to boot (no boot media found)

Repair: Failure to boot
(No boot media found)

Costs Breakdown:

Component Swap and Service - Covered under warranty 

Pick Up and Delivery - $40

This customer faced booting issues after turning on his PC as shown above.

This screen meant that no boot media (operating system) was found even though he has been using his PC with Windows ever since he bought it.

This pointed toward the possibility of a storage drive failure.

To be sure, we checked and made sure that the storage drive (SSD) was installed properly and that there were no scratches on it physically. 

However, after trying it again, the same issue happened. 

We then tried to install an OS on it, but realized that there was already a system installed.

Thus, we proceeded to test out the SSD on another computer system and ran a diagnostic test. 

From the picture above, the SSD was indeed faulty and in critical condition.

Fortunately, this customer was covered under warranty and we swapped out his SSD for a new one and installed Windows OS before we delivered his PC back to him.