November 20, 2023 1 min read

Onsite Upgrade: GPU + PSU + RGB Fans

Cost Breakdown:
Power Supply: Silverstone VA 750 W 80+ Gold
RGB Fans: 2x Pink Fans
Onsite Fee: $120
Service Fee: $80
Total: $345
This customer contacted us for an onsite service to install new fans and a Graphics Card which the customer bought. The customer wanted to play Diablo IV which required better specifications. We advised the customer to upgrade their Power Supply, as the current one had insufficient power for the new Graphics Card.

We brought over at least half a dozen more Graphics cards (pictured below) just in case the new one wouldn't fit into the case.
We started by removing the components.
Installation of RGB Fans pictured below.
Unboxing the new Power Supply.
We managed to fit the Graphics Card that the customer bought into the case. (We moved the AIO radiator to the top to make space and it managed to slot in just right)
This is after everything was done!
The upgrade is completed and we made sure everything is working fine before we leave. The computer is running Diablo IV (pictured below) without lag!
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