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April 07, 2019 1 min read

Issue: PC is running but no visual, spoilt motherboard.

Upgrading Charges
Mansa Builder 240 GB SSD: $75
Thermal Repasting: $25
Service Fee: $30
Total: $130


This client dropped off his Asus G20 gaming PC in our shop to reformat his storage drive as he is unable to boot into his Windows. The PC is running but it keeps looping on the recovery system.

Processor Thermal Paste

Heat Sink Thermal Paste

We removed and replaced the thermal paste for his processor and graphics card. As it is a Asus G20, the dismantling work is more tedious as the parts have to be removed in a proper order. After changing the thermal paste, we installed a SSD to boost its starting up speed.

Upgraded Asus G20

This Asus G20 gaming PC is back to life and ready to roll on for the next 2 years hopefully!

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