Repair - Failure to boot (with deep cleaning service)

June 07, 2023 1 min read

Repair - Failure to boot (with deep cleaning service)

Repair: Failure to boot

Cost Breakdown:

Power Supply: Silverstone VA 750 W 80+ Gold

Service Fees: $200

Total - $310


This customer came in with a PC that failed to boot.

This issue is usually related to a power supply or motherboard issue. 

For our initial diagnosis, we simply plugged a power cable in and tried to turn it on.

However, there was no indication of power on the motherboard - this pointed the issue toward the power supply unit. 


We then used a tester power supply unit (pictured above) and the PC turned on with no issues. 

Thus, we ran a stress test to ensure that the other components were working in order, to confirm that the root cause of the failure was due to the power supply unit.

The customer also wanted to do a deep clean as there was a significant amount of dust in the PC. (As shown above)

For deep cleaning, we dismantled the entire PC, cleaned every component and washed the PC case.

The photo above is after everything was cleaned and the PC was put back together.

We put in the new power supply as we assembled the PC back together and ran stress tests before the PC was returned to the customer.